Sara Mique garments start life in white or off white, making them perfect choices for the non-traditional bride or mother of. After the wedding they do not have to sit in the closet or be resold. Most can be re-colored to become fabulous cocktail or party dresses.

Sara Mique is designed & hand made in the USA. The garments are not only Beautiful, Feminine & Unique, they are also Accessible. Most are shipped within 2 to 3 weeks.

Outfits Purchased in 2021 will be Shipped with Beautiful Complimentary Matching Masks.

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Sara Mique Home Wear & Close to Home Wear

These are Clothes to Wear at Home or Close to Home. But they will be wonderful travelers when some day we are able to travel again....Matching Legging & Mask Twinsets, Sweatpants (Our Way), Comfortable & Unique Tops & Tunics.