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Sara's Vintage Silk Scarves Masks


We are now using beautiful Vintage Silk Scarves to create beautiful masks. These masks are very limited editions as only a few masks can be made from a scarf. Designs will vary depending on what part of a pattern ends up on a particular scarf.

We sterilize all vintage pieces before we begin to work on them. We line them with protective broadcloth and add a nose bridge for better fit. These masks are hand washable and reusable.

If interested, you may even send us a beautiful but no longer used silk scarf. We will return to you one beautiful mask shipped free of charge including shipping. We will then keep the remnants of your scarf. Please email if interested.

Sara Mique is dedicated to ensuring that each of our customers has a wonderful experience. If you feel you need help with the process, please let us know. Our team of dedicated staff can assist you with anything from size & fit to styling. We love our customers.  Contact us.